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Tips from the Pros

Lucas Banks: 6-inch Club Drill for Solid Contact

​​​​Tyler Pringle: Three Keys to a Pre-Round Warm-Up​

​​​Correct Ball Position

​​Pick a Course that Fits Your Game!

​​Don't Take the Driving Range to the Course

​Tracking Greens in Regulation

​​Fred Bond: Improve Your Play by Hitting More Greens

Mark Davis: How to Putt Like a Pro

​​Jeff Richmond: Golfers Shouldn't Look at the Target

​​Zephyr Melton: Simplify Your Tee Selection

​​USGA:  Things to Know About the New  World Handicap System

​​Brad Clayton: Refine your Golf Attitude

​​Ryan Brickley: Be Realistic with Your Goals

​​Matt Gotto: Better Speed Equals Better Putting

​​Mark Davis: Proper Wedge Swing Technique

​​Bruce Parker: How to Be a More Consistent Golfer

​​Build a Solid Short Game: with Proper Set-up and Body Rotation

​​Friction and Spin: Spin on the Ball is Created by These Five Main Factors

​​​​How to play uneven lies: Mountain golf made easier

​​Long drive champ Dave Mobley: Be consistent with that expensive stick

GolfTec: Use motion sensor technology to improve your golf swing​​

Dana Rader: The importance of club fitting​​

Dana Rader: Improve your short game

Dana Rader: Smash your drives - 3 drills to be longer off the tee​​​​

Dana Rader: Full swings from fairway bunker ​​

GolfTEC -​​ Indoor vs outdoor practice?

Dana Rader: 4 things to do now to improve putting​​

Julie Cole with Dana Rader: Defrost Your Putting!​​

Stan Roach - professional club fitter with Dana Rader Golf School - Are you using the wrong clubs?​​

Dana Rader:Getting the most out of practicing​​


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